• A Network Of Value For Business Opportunities
    Betong Networks A Network Of Value For Business Opportunities
  • The Best Place To Grow Your Venture
    Betong Networks The Best Place To Grow Your Venture

A Network Of Value For Entrepreneurs, Startups, Talents, Investors, Small & Medium Companies looking for new opportunities.We focus on several areas including:

Market Research

Our Market research include up-to-date knowledge about the market structure, trends, value, business model, marketing strategy, content management and possibility to conduct a pilot study to test the product or service. Betong Networks offers sustainable marketing services based on the market structure and behavior of the people.

Network Building

Working towards building a profitable and positive network for your business a priority.I build and show you how to build a sustainable B2B, and B2C network for your business.I can build a positive and energetic team that would drive sales in your business and establish a strong customer base.

Travel Assistance

We organize business delegations, travel assistant and guide to Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania, and Cameroon. Likewise Finland.
The trip duration will be a minimum of 3 days. Visa, accommodation, transportation and meetings arrangement will be taken care of for you ahead of time.

Why you Should Network

The power of real networking is unspeakable. Your opportunities would be unlimited If you know how to network, Whom to network, and When to network.Networking creates mutual business relationships that you cannot comprehend. It might lead to problem-solving, knowledge exchange, confidence building, staying relevant, new contact, and visibility. This is how powerful real networking is.For networking to be effective, you have to understand in practice, all aspects of networking. Betong Networks is here to give you networking feeling that you haven’t yet experienced.

About Me

I have background studies in Law, Environmental Science (Natural Resources Mangement), International Business, Entrepreneurship, and IT. I am good communicator, networker, have a good sense of humor, social, love traveling, and meeting new people, love to make people laugh, and happy. More so, I never take no for an answer because I love challenges, and I’m open to new opportunities.

Above all, I love to be motivated and motivate others, encourage, and help people to follow their dreams.

Betong Networks core values are based on trust, delivery, understanding, smart work, teamwork, friendship, networking, and sustainability.

We are a network that connects people with integrity and that you can trust,we are endowed with people willing to empower you to be able to archive your goals

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