About Me

I have background studies in Law, Environmental Science (Natural Resources Mangement), Intern,ational Business, Entrepreneurship, and IT. I am good communicator, networker, have a good sense of humor, social, love traveling, and meeting new people, love to make people laugh, and happy. More so, I never take no for an answer because I love challenges, and I’m open to new opportunities.

Above all, I love to be motivated and motivate others, encourage, and help people to follow their dreams.

What We Do

Betong Networks is a network of entrepreneurs, startups, talents, investors, small and medium businesses in Finland/Africa looking for new opportunities.What we do is B2B & B2C networking through matchmaking, collaboration and parnership.Our target countries are Finland,Cameroon,Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania.Our network will provide you reliable contacts and easy access to the markets in Finland,Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania.

We make sure you network with the right contacts and gives you proper education about the markets structure, and business culture of the area.Our target industries are IT & ICT, MLM, Medical Equipment (device) Export, Education Export, and Renewable Energy.

We also provide other networking services to entrepreneurs who want to start a business and don’t know how to go about it, job seekers, and businesses looking for reliable contact or partners.

Do you want to be part of a network that will add value to your business or ideas through matchmaking, communication and innovations? Do you want to establish a business in Africa and don’t know how to go about it or who to trust and guide you through the process?Do you have an idea but do not know how to develop it into a business or who to turn to for assistance. ?Are you passionate about or have a dream you want to archieve but, don’t know to go about it.?Do you have all the qualification and skills but, can’t find a job or you have a job that you do not like.?Do you want to become an entrepreneur and do not have the necessary experience to get started or you are an entrepreneur and do not have enough resources at your disposal to get started.?

Betong Networks is here for you. We ease the networking process between businesses, share ideas, collaborate, and create business opportunities for perfect for your goals.

We are a network that connects people with integrity and that you can trust,we are endowed with people willing to empower you to be able to archive your goals,

Working towards community development,networking, motivation, empowerment, sharing of ideas and communicate to encourage growth, foster development, Innovation, establish and facilitate the most sophisticated networks that history is yet to record.

We carry out projects that encourages community development, Innovation, create jobs, empower women, and foster human resource development.

Betong Networks core values are based on trust, delivery, understanding, smart work, teamwork, friendship, networking, and sustainability.

Working internationally is not easy because every country is unique in culture, work ethics,language. Therefore, for perfect communication to take place one needs to understand these divisities and work with it. De Betong Nework has scouted all these possible difficulties and is here to present you with solutions, knowledge and education that will help you integrate fully into the system and make the journey easier for you.

Why Choose Us

  • Our services is engraved in our expertise to understand market structure, offer easy access to affordable market, reliable contacts to network with.
  • We perfectly understand business, work, social and cultural values of the people, which is vital in communication and conflict management.
  • We also provide good designed business models and offer a direct access to the Betong’s Business, Networking, and Motivational Show.
    Thus, a perfect opportunity for you to gain exposure and market your contents.

Our Partners