Market Research

Our Market research include up-to-date knowledge about the market structure, trends, value, business model, marketing strategy, content management and possibility to conduct a pilot study to test the product or service. Betong Networks offers sustainable marketing services based on the market structure and behavior of the people.

Matchmaking & Partnership Building

Matchmaking events is organise in Finland/Africa for companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and startups to network, create new business opportunities, meet new people, and share ideas. Meeting new people in matchmaking events might take your business to another level because there is power in networking.

Coaching, Mentoring & Training

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Network Building

Working towards building a profitable and positive network for your business a priority.I build and show you how to build a sustainable B2B, and B2C network for your business.I can build a positive and energetic team that would drive sales in your business and establish a strong customer base.

Travel Assistance

We organize business delegations, travel assistant and guide to Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania, and Cameroon. Likewise Finland.
The trip duration will be a minimum of 3 days. Visa, accommodation, transportation and meetings arrangement will be taken care of for you ahead of time. This arrangement is flexible. There are rooms for additional services if need be.

Education Export

It’s no secret that Finland has one of the best educational system in the world and we all know the track record is consistent for more than a decades now.
There are many companies already in Finland who export Finnish Education abroad and not up to 5 are in Africa who has a population of about 2 billion people and countless educational institutions.Most of these institutions will welcome Finnish Education.Betong Network will show you how to successfully penetrate the market if you use our services and become part of the network

Before you dive into the market, make sure you do a proper research about your target market, Understand the market structure, do a business plan, Visit the market, Find the right Business model, and Learn about the culture and ID qualified personnel to work with. Betong Network will make all these available at your disposal if you can’t do it on your own.

We assure you that we are going to do our best to provide you with all your needs and wants. We are going to make sure we understand your requirements. However, there is always room for flexibility.